September 27, 2014

mm-mm--Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Black Tie

To say I've fallen in love with Lipstick Queen would be an understatement. In fact, I could haul the amount of products I've accumulated. YES, it's quite shameful, but at this point I have no shame. I know what i is and i is what I know (I'm sleep deprived, so bear with me here)
Poppy knows her shit okay? and it's a metal/gold lipstick case so I just can't keep my grubby hands off of it! 

call me conquistador louise cause I'm always drawn to da gold (actually, let's not)

First thing I noticed when I got this sucker was it was not the red I thought I was getting.. A beautiful red? yes. A deep, blackened red that looked like the ultimate fall red? not quite. dats false advertising, poppie

yeaaaaaaaaah, that's definitely not the same thing.

When I applied it to my lips, the experience was....trippy.
Imagine dusting powder on your lips, because that's what this feels like. It's so lightweight, it's almost bizarre. However, I still experienced some drying. I've been so pampered with all of these creamy matte lipsticks that I almost forgot that a matte lipstick could be...drying. 

Ugh, so pretty

HOWEVER, I've got more beef to pick with this lipstick; it transfers. Okay, technically all lipsticks transfer to a certain extent... but for a matte, this one transferred more than it should have. mm-mm

y so pretty :'(

For $50?? Mm-mm honey. There are PLENTY of decent mattes out there that aren't $50! I don't think this one was awful, but I definitely won't be shelling out the $$ for another one

September 18, 2014

Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Collection Eyeshadow Palette

Oh me, oh my.
I didn't even try to convince myself that I didn't need this....

Yep, Marlena did it again and came out with a product that makes me question the entire cosmetics market.
 Retailing for $38, it's not necessarily a deal, but still, the quality and colors are so on point, I would have paid more money without a problem.  

like, this is my favorite fall release, fo shizzles

Do ya see that? No parabens or animal testing; you go makeup geek

Alright, I might as well go ahead and say that when I first saw this palette... I thought the packaging looked a bit... trashy, cheap, unnatractive.
SCRATCH THOSE THOUGHTS, because it's actually really classy. For their first palette, I was more than impressed in regards to their packaging. ALSO, you can take out the shadows and pop it into your z palette (or any magnetic palette for that matter; WE DON'T DISCRIMINATE AGAINST OTHER PALETTES HERE, OK?) 

Like, I litERALLY dare you to list 7 palettes that have a dupable color scheme... struggling? That's what I thought.  Like, mirage, desert sands and roulette don't look too amazing, but I honestly have nothing remotely like them in my collection. 

From the bottom to the top:

  • Casino: An uber-ly (wat?) pigmented orange based gold (?). It wasn't only extremely pigmented, but opaque and blendable. PLUS, NO FALL OUT (on any of the shadows)
  • Sin City: OK, this is where I start to get critical. Out of all of the shadows, this was the oddball. It was pressed a bit harder in the pan and was less opaque. Also, it was an orange based color with gold shimmer... super pretty, but not necessary. A lot of the shadows had a burnt/orange undertone and the gold shimmer was already present in Casino. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION O'ER ERE, they should have ditched this shade and included another contrasting shade. 
  • Roulette:  Oh goodness. Buttery, burgundy, burnt bronze loveliness. Just, oh so good. 
  • Mirage:  Let's be honest, we all know matte cream shades are a fucking joke. HOWEVER, this has a bit of a satin  texture MAKING IT SOMETHING NEW AND EXCITING. This fella's blendable, smooth and opaque; basically unheard of in regards to cream shades. 
  • Desert Sands:  Ok, one of the most opaque and smooth mattes ever. Typically, true  matte shades are a little less pigmented and uneven in application. Mm-mm, not this one, honey. Also, how many of you can say you have a ton of tan/mustard shades? yeah, that's what I thought. 
  • Bada Bing: Pretty sure this is in their permanent range. Basically, matte brown with rosegold shimmer. Though, as you can see, that shimmer doesn't transfer. Texture was a bit harder and didn't swatch as nicely, but applied fine. 


ugh, why am I such a freak that falls for a pretty palette over and over? Essentially, if you like good quality makeup and unique colors, I'd recommend it (basically, all of my readers). 

Also, if you have blue eyes, it would be a sin to not get this palette.
Speaking of sin, still wish they would have taken out Sin City, bUT OTHER THAN THAT, it's perfect. 

September 8, 2014

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick in See Me

I'm officially obsessed with this brand.. Like, legit, obsessed. I was straight up, stalking the website for a couple of days when I saw that Poppy came out with a new line of lipsticks. Basically, these are like the creme version of her Velvet Ropes (which i be reviewin' soon, ladiess). AND IF YOU COULDN'T TELL, I can't resist a luxurious creme lipstick. 

It's a metal casing (way heavier than YSL) and with a strong ass magnet that is so pleasing, holy shit. 

Also, it's a little skyscraper.. adorbs 

'See me' is an apricot/peach/orange shade. Almost borderline pumpkin.  Really perfect for transitioning into fall, wHICH I'M PSYCHED FOR HOLY SHIT. It's still 90+ with almost 100% humidity here and I. am. over. it. All I want is to wear comfy pants and sweaters that are 4 sizes too big. Is that too much to ask for? 

Anyway, the point was, it's pretty. It applies with good opacity and never goes into the lines or emphasizes dryness. It's also not overly creamy and therefore wears for 5-6 hours and has little transer (well, compared to other creme lipsticks). 

It has a slight minty scent, HOWEVER, it appears to only be for scent purposes and never does the nasty tingling thingy. I BELIEVE (don't quote me on this...don't quote me on anything really) that it's to give the illusion of fresher breath for know

I actually have no idea as to where I got this photo

 It IS a $50 lipstick... Though trust me, it's not lacking in the luxury department. It just has that old glamour that makes me feel like I'm a classy, sassy lady when I pull it out.  I'd say, if you like a shade, get it.. here's why:

-UM, the packaging is lovely
-The shades are stunning (and fairly unique)
-Formulation is on point
-Cruelty free
-Paraben free
-shit ton of natural ingredients and essential oils
-Anti-Antioxidants (so we don't have thin, wrinkly lips)
-Vitamins A and E
-Pomegranate Sterols (suppose to make your lips look plump, glossy n' shit)

September 4, 2014

Guerlain's Geneva is dope-- My final summer hoo-ha

This is an old post I wrote almost a month ago and forgot to post 
(basically, before I decided to go cruelty free)

I've been bad. 

BUT, it was my ebates cash back check that covered this... so, not tooooo bad

but still, I've been bad.

Whatever, I've accepted the fact that me and Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks have something special; true love. When you're in love, you do stupid stuff like buy another $50 lipstick. Sigh. Geneva is a shade that I ignored when the summer line came out, but some reviews by Temptalia and Sunny made me change my mind.  Basically, I was under the impression that Guerlain had made the ultimate coral for me; and they soooo did. 



This is

This is good.

I've found Geneva to be slightly more transparent than the other Rouge G's I have, but perhaps it's my favorite. I don't know man, but it's flattering as fuck. You know, when ya just feel really confident when  your lipstick game is on point. Ye, dis be the one. 

If you want a more in depth review, click HERE