October 14, 2014

Sassy and Spicy-- My fall lip picks

??What is even going on with my title??

We be mixing up dis shiz nit today

Fall is a time for copious amounts of dark lipstick, soup, and Gilmore Girls says I... but, I'm sure you're just as tired of hearing a white girl talk about how great fall is and shit, so let's get moving. 

I feel like I constantly review, review and review.. Don't get me wrong, I love talking and sharing my enthusiasm of random material things that I smear on my face and hands (mostly hands...swatching 25/7), but I wanted to do something else todayyy

Key so you can understand my shenanigans: 
  • ***= this lipstick is the shit, can't stop, won't stop
  • CF= cruelty free 
  • The ones in bold have a link to a review

  1. Chantecaille Hydra Chic Lipstick in Fairy Moss (CF) ***
  2. MAC's Midimauve
  3. MAC's Spice it Up
  4. YSL Sheer Candy #16 (Sephora Exclusive)
  5. Lipstick Queen Medieval... way more red in real life (CF)
  6. Clinique's Soft Matte Lipstick in Pink Chocolate ***
  7. Givenchy Le Rouge in Brun Vintage
    1. Honorable mention (i.e, I blanked and forgot to swatch it): Le Rouge in Framboise Velour ***
  9. Hourglass Femme Rouge in Embrace...looks shitty in the photo.. wait until I post my review (ooo, sneak peek) (CF)
  10. Guerlain Rouge G in Gigolo... might recommend getting this MAINLY because of the name ***
  11. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Bette... again, review soon (CF)

Annnnnnnnnd because I simply don't already have enough lipstick in my life, let me know about your favorite (cruelty free) lipsticks... so we can obsess and confess together

October 12, 2014

By Terry Rouge TERRYBLY (oh the punss) in Bare Instinct

My search for the illustrious, luxury, cruelty free lipstick that's just as good as Guerlain continues.. le black panties  (excellent name btws ) with her impeccable taste in makeup suggested this to me and well, I can't resist a good lipstick... *sigh*, part of me questions if such a lipstick even exists
But dammit it was pretty and silvery and yeah....I know... just a creature of habit o'ere 
Retailing at $50 meant that I wanted my money's worth. Also while I'm on the subject of price, can we take a minute to talk about By Terry's pricing????

At that price I should be getting a product that will make me permanently look flawless 

Anyway, Bare Instinct is supposed to be the perfect fall shade with a mixture of rose, brown and mauve. Sounds hideous, but I've got a soft spot for da ugly one's 

But enough about the color, how about ya know,  the actual performance of the lipstick? 

The scent is... interesting. It's like wax and eucalyptus oil. I'm not totally digging it, but at the same time I'm not totally against it. It looks great on the lips; smooth, just the right amount of creaminess, good opacity, and wore/ faded nicely 
The packaging is weighty (could have been a bit more weighty IMO), has a magnetic closure and gorgeous etchings... but at the same time I felt it was a bit simple and lightweight for a $50 lipstick

I literally have no idea as to what this is, but it works so..

So I like it.. but I'm not in love. Honestly, the only way I could justify getting another one is if it's on sale Ima go ahead a recommend this to the ladies (and gents) who have sensitive skin and want a cruelty free, luxury lipstick. Basically, I would recommend it to someone with really specific needs.

October 6, 2014

What I bought from the Tarte Holiday Collection (In other words, what did I spend too much $$ on THIS time??)

hola mis chicasssss

I literally have no idea why the Holiday collections are out by Sept/Oct....but I love it. Palettes, value sets, limited edition??? Throw those words together and I'm yours

Also anything tarte is just amazing; not just an onion (typo, but I'm keeping it)

but a fact.
Let's start out with this pin up girl palette..
Last year, they came out with a similar palette and I still (to this day) regret not picking it up (as well as that damn nars palette). Though, the packaging and shades were better this time around if you ask me...

Inspired by the palace of Versaille and shit; it's classy and sassy fo yo inner pin up girl. Also, I will admit those pins are niiiiice. I never pin my hair (or brush it tbh), 

such skills, what hair, wow

but I was inspired with this palette. Also, it's like a clutch filled with blush...basically, it's my kind of clutch ;)

from left to right:
Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, Irreplaceable

Overall, stunning. The frosted shades (embraced and bashful) have the perfect amount of sheen. Meaning you won't look like a chrome plated robot, which I dig. The matte shades are also stunning  and surprisingly more pigmented than the frosts. My only complaint is that these are waaaaaaaaay more powdery than the other tarte blushes in my collection.


Alrighty, I don't think this is a holiday release but it's new and cute (and that's all that matters)
 This is the quintessentially travel chic Palette and I think tarte has come out with a few of these already. Let me just get this off my chest, the packaging is bomb. Like, it's of higher quality compared to Dior and YSL in my opinon.... I'm not one for fake leather, but I dig this sturdy fella (??what am I even saying??)

It comes with 5 huuge shadows (about the size of most singles) and all gorgeous if you ask me ;)
Honestly, not the most versatile and there could have been a lighter shade, but I still liked the looks I've gotten out of it. 

HOWEVER, the shadows have a pretty dry texture; unlike most tarte eyeshadows in my collection. Yes they're still pigmented, but they didn't swatch too nicely. I was so worried I was going to hate this palette (because, such nice packaging and shitty shadows would TRULY be a shame), but they applied fine with a good primer and brushes. 

From top to bottom: 
Moroccan Spice, African Safari (do you see that gold shimmer?? hellloooo gorgeous), Amazonian Rainforest, Indian Henna, and Turkish Coffee

From left to right:
The Balancing Act (foundation brush),  the Contourtionist (contour/ cream blusher brush), the Buffer (airbrush finish foundation brush), Undercover Lover -who came up with these names??- (concealer brush) and a Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush

Okay. This. is. my. favorite. 

Like, I was specifically looking for a new brush kit and then tarte comes out with this Brushed with Destiny Kit. What did I do to please the makeup gods because things have been working in my favor lately?! This is a $150 value for $44... hell yes.

Also, the foundation brush in here is my HG, so I know I was getting da good stuff based on my impressions of that brush, Basically from my  first impressions, they're all really high quality CF brushes that you SERIOUSLY need in your life. 

Also it comes with a pretty bag... it's funny, when brands thrown in a bag I always think I'm getting such a great deal... when in reality, it probably didn't cost that much extra to produce.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend picking up something from the Tarte Holiday collection! What can I say? They know their shit!

September 27, 2014

mm-mm--Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Black Tie

To say I've fallen in love with Lipstick Queen would be an understatement. In fact, I could haul the amount of products I've accumulated. YES, it's quite shameful, but at this point I have no shame. I know what i is and i is what I know (I'm sleep deprived, so bear with me here)
Poppy knows her shit okay? and it's a metal/gold lipstick case so I just can't keep my grubby hands off of it! 

call me conquistador louise cause I'm always drawn to da gold (actually, let's not)

First thing I noticed when I got this sucker was it was not the red I thought I was getting.. A beautiful red? yes. A deep, blackened red that looked like the ultimate fall red? not quite. dats false advertising, poppie

yeaaaaaaaaah, that's definitely not the same thing.

When I applied it to my lips, the experience was....trippy.
Imagine dusting powder on your lips, because that's what this feels like. It's so lightweight, it's almost bizarre. However, I still experienced some drying. I've been so pampered with all of these creamy matte lipsticks that I almost forgot that a matte lipstick could be...drying. 

Ugh, so pretty

HOWEVER, I've got more beef to pick with this lipstick; it transfers. Okay, technically all lipsticks transfer to a certain extent... but for a matte, this one transferred more than it should have. mm-mm

y so pretty :'(

For $50?? Mm-mm honey. There are PLENTY of decent mattes out there that aren't $50! I don't think this one was awful, but I definitely won't be shelling out the $$ for another one