July 27, 2015


Yeah, I did it.

I heard the AOK from Carrot Flowers on youtube (love her btws) and decided to try one out for myself. I initially intended on picking up Babylove, a more nude tone, BUT hell, who am I kidding? I am a peach addict at heart. 

When the promo photos were released for this collection I also thought about getting the palette... but I couldn't get down with the packaging. If you think the plastic hearts are cheesy, check out the palette. So lovey dovey, it hurts a bit.

Honestly, this is still iconic.

I've worn this out a good three times now and while I wouldn't say this lasts any longer than any other blusher, it wore nicely. The texture is soft without being too powdery. The pigmentation is there, but it's very smooth at the same time. I never had an issue where my brush picked up too much product and I was unable to blend it out. I will always love you in particular has a golden sheen that is very flattering and contains no visible glitter. 

Ah yes, a lovely awkward selfie. What the heck, let's make this a FOTD because I'm current like that:

-FACE: Kjaer Weis Foundation in Like Porcelain, Too Faced I will Always Love You, Becca Moonstone
-EYES: NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette, Pixi Whatever Mascara, Tarte Brow Mousse in Taupe
-LIPS: Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope in Star System (Just got this and I am obsessssssssed. My nude gals, ya need)

I find the Love Flushes by Too Faced to be reasonably priced ($26 USD) for the quality and amount of product (5 g).  None of the shades are necessarily 'out there' and you could probably find dupes for every shade in the range without trying too hard. These aren't revolutionary nor a must have, but if you're interested, the quality is there. 

July 26, 2015

We made up-- Some NARS Palettes

I've posted a couple of Nars reviews and so far they haven't been overwhelmingly positive. From the few impressions I had, I assumed that the brand was fine but overhyped.
 Then, I saw the Nordstrom Sale.
Packaging is always enough to woo this girl. I decided to put my differences aside and test these babies out. 

First we have the Ultimate Lip Set. It contains 3 lip pencils in the shades Sourhead (Satin), Biscayne Park (Satin) and Sex Machine (Velvet Matte). I found the satins to be very glossy and in the case of Sourhead, to go on a bit uneven. Sex Machine on the other hand had a really nice light, matte finish. 
Not too shabby.

The kit retails for $49 dollars and it comes with a dope-ass case


Biscayne Park

Sex Machine

Now for the Blame it on Nars cheek palette. It comes with the shades Satellite of Love, Casino, Daydream and New Attitude. 

Here's the rundown:
-SOL= what the actual fUCK. This shade lacks any color base and has a random disbursement of gold glitter.
-Casino is a lovely sculpting bronzer with a smooth texture. I found it easy to get just the right amount of color for my ever so lovely shade of 'pale as fuck'
-Daydream and New Attitude are basically the same shade.

As for the mini ita brush, it does its job all fine and dandy. Would I ever run out and purchase the full size? No. The bristles break off and aren't the softest out there; you could definitely do better. 

This blush palette ain't my Daydream that's for sure, but the quality isn't bad either. I found most of the shades a breeze to work with and flattering. It's overall a good value (priced at $65) and well.... she purdy

Funny story, I bought this back in March...returned it and then purchased it again. See, I wanted to give this formulation another go way after I reviewed Cassiopeia. Unfortunately, I wore it once and the palette broke. When I returned it, I decided to pick up something else instead since I wasn't too thrilled with that initial look I created. 

Overall, the textures are much nicer than that of Cassiopeia. Lysithea, Ursa Major and Himalia in particular are phenomenal. Giove and Sycorax are the only shades I tend to avoid since Giove's blue tone blends out into a dull grey and Sycorax is too shimmery for my taste in black eyeshadows. 

The brush included with this palette works nicely, especially when I intend on wearing them wet. 

Top to Bottom:
Europa, Himalia, Ursa Major, Subra

Bottom to top:
Andromeda, Lysithea, Giove and Sycorax


I also decided to try out Anna from the Audacious Range. Despite my interest in Dominique, I know that I wouldn't wear it and since I'm approaching 70 lipsticks, I decided that I should probs invest in shades that will be worn. Many people described this as the more rose toned baby of Dominique and hell, that's good enough for me:

I feel like I can now say that Nars and I are on good turf....and yeah, I can see myself picking up the fall dual intensity eyeshadows....

July 21, 2015

As if we needed another one of these-- My Two Cents on the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

I'm on a post roll, baby.

We'll go ahead and call this a first impressions considering I've used the palette a grand total of....once.
I also recently picked up the Naked 2 palette so I feel pretty caught up now on this..movement, cult, whatever this is.

Let's be honest here, I'm in it for the packaging most of the time and this purchase was no exception. The palette is undeniably beautiful. Although, I hope the letters don't rub off as easily as the Naked on the Run Palette did. Dat shit pissed me off
ugh animated GIF

A common critique of the palette is it being gimmicky. It seems that at this point, they're trying to drag out a good thing. I mean, Naked Smoky sounds like an oxymoron. I have their original Smoked Palette and in comparison, the shades in the Naked Smoky are equally as versatile but with more neutral tones. The older Smoked Palette included some jewel tones, four basic matte shades and a few sultry neutral shades. Really the main difference between the variety and versatility is that the Naked Smoky lacks any jewel tones. For that reason, I still think the older Smoked Palette was a bit of a better investment. 

Pictured above is:
High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor and Slanted

Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smolder

Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Smolder, Password, Whiskey, Combust and Thirteen

Smolder, Password, Whiskey, Combust and Thirteen

The brush is undeniably gorgeous and performs well, but the bristles feel more plasticy than those included in the Naked 2 and 3.

For the most part, many of the shades were of nice quality but not phenomenal quality. Urban Decay has proved to produce some top notch eyeshadows and I would say that the Naked 1 and 2 were full of some of those high quality shadows. Naked 3 had many top notch shades and a few that were good but not amazing. 

The Naked Smokey (based on swatching and creating two eyelooks) has mostly good/decent shades but only a few that are top notch. Those few amazing shades would be Dirtysweet, Black Market, Smolder and the matte shades (excluding Whiskey). 

The other shades either had a weaker texture, were a bit crumbly, applied a bit uneven or even a bit under pigmented. Here are my minor complaints:

  1. High is a gorgeous shade that has a crumbly texture.
  2. Radar is a stunning brown that isn't very pigmented
  3. Armor and Slanted are less crumbly than High, but still have some fallout here and there
  4. Dagger swatches and can apply a bit uneven
  5. Whiskey can be hard to blend out.. in fact, I had a hard time blending it out at all in a look I tried out.

This is one of their suggested looks titled The Iconic UD Smoky Eye.
I used the shades Combust, Smolder, Password, and High. I really like how the look came out!

Despite my criticisms, I like this palette. The point I'm trying to get across is that I know that some of these shades could have been better knowing the quality of some of their eyeshadows. It seems that UD is throwing out all of these palettes and focusing less on how coherent the quality is. With the Naked 2, I have no complaints with the quality. With the Naked 3, I have minimal complaints. With this palette, I had some sort of criticism with more than half of the shades. 

Again,  I have no problem expressing if I dislike a product and I honestly do enjoy this palette. It's very versatile and the quality is still there; it's just not at it's full potential. 

Antonym eyeshadows are those shadows that made it look like you tried, but you didn't.

I wrote this like a month ago and forgot to post it; story of my life.

My quest for decent non-toxic/natural eyeshadow continues...despite the fact that I found some pretty decent ones already. Whatever, it's not like I can have enough makeup----

ANYWHO, Antonym is a company that uses a nice amount of certified organic ingredients...it was on sale at dermstore...those bronze shades were screaming my name...it had to happen. yeah, 'had'. 

I don't know about you guys, but the bamboo packaging is definitely a plus in my books. Bamboo says, ''we're a forward thinking company'' to me even though I'm not entirely sure what the benefit of using bamboo instead of tin or any other non-plastic material is. (Looked it up, it's quick and helps out soil...total turn on). 

Any hey, THE PIGMENT'S THERE. Can't say that for a lot of natural eyeshadows, plus, the texture has some substance to it (another thing some natural eyeshadows like). Still, it's $40 for a quad. It's totally worth it if you're interested in a high quality, natural eyeshadow quad. If you're just into it because you want some nice neutrals, there are other investments I'd suggest making. What I'm getting at, it's not that unique and I'm worried I'll forget about it here and there.


I've never interacted with a kitten before and I gotta tell ya, they're not too shabby. 

This was a kinda whatever review (I'm hoping the cat makes up for it), however, there are hardly any reviews on this product and I wanted to put an opinion out there. 

July 19, 2015

I'm kinda feeling those Marc Jacobs Vibesss

This was weird, I just woke up and decided that I need more Marc Jacobs products. No explanation, just action. The only other beauty product I've tried from the line is the Siren palette (which I adore) and some other items had sparked some interest over the last few months. 

So that morning in which I decided to just splurge on those items that had caught my attention resulted in the following haul:

Okay this first item has been hard to get. The Night Owl Palette has been in and out of stock since its release last fall. Eventually, I gave up AND BOY DO I REGRET GIVING UP. DO YOU SEE THIS??? DO YOU SEE THIS???????


The formulation is impeccable and these eyeshadow palettes are one of the few that are truly worth the investment. His glitter, shimmer and metallic shades are exceptionally phenomenal. Their pigment, opacity and smooth, rich texture is one that has few competitors.

The mattes are also soft and wonderful, if anything, the matte-wine toned shadow swatched with less pigmentation that the other shades. Still, it applied just as nicely.

I also picked up the Starlet pallete which has caught my eye since the release of the line. Like the Siren palette, it only contains eyeshadows with a shimmer/metallic finish. I was able to create an eyelook with the palette just fine, but I would prefer to incorporate a few mattes here and there. 

In the eyelook pictured above, I used the Twinkle Pop in Leila as a base. The texture is extremely creamy, borderline too creamy; however, it dries down nicely and is in no way tacky. I haven't tested it's longevity as a solo product because it's a very red/copper shade that's a bit too much for just walking out of the house. 

Next is the Kiss Pop in Wham; a gorgeous rose coral. I've been searching for the perfect rose toned coral since using up YSL's Rose Paris and I think this sucker is the one. Also, how adorable is the nipple/pencil packaging??
However, I'm not sure about how much I love this formulation. It's very matte and unless the texture of your lips is flawless, it seems to emphasize imperfections. It's still wearable, but I doubt that I'll be picking up any more. 

I caved.
The pressure was just too much.

I had to get the Le Marc Lip Créme in Je' Taime after raving reviews from Makeuptia, Jemorjerrica, The Lipstick Lady, and more. When those fellas work together, they become a dangerous combination I'll tell ya.

The texture is rich and not overwhelmingly creamy and the color is fully opaque. Described as a rum raspberry, this fella may just be true love.

Lastly, I picked up the New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel in Anais, described as a spiced ginger. It's a gorgeous warm nude; basically the only nude that compliments my weird-ass skintone. Despite being described as a sheer formulation, I've found the opacity to be on par with any other cream finish. 

From left to right:
Wham, Anais, and Je' Taime

Wham on the lips 

Honestly, I'm in love with the line right now and I'm still eyeing a few more items here and there ;)
One thing I want to mention is I'm still a bit confused about their cruelty free status. The Marc Jacobs beauty line is not sold in China but I believe some of their fragrances are. I'm still looking for some updated info.

July 18, 2015

And she scoffed, ¨Let them Eat Cake¨- 18th Century Cosmetic History

Ahh yes, the famous misquote by none other than Marie Antoinette. I've been avoiding responsibilities and indulging in as many documentaries that I can find; several of them focusing on Marie Antoinette. The young Austrian Queen to this day remains as a symbol of fashion and status; today on lilting-grace we'll be focusing on the extravagance in the 18th century in terms of cosmetics and it's ultimate fall until the modern era.

18th Century France is forever coined for it's early extravagant aristocracy which fell due to underlying social tensions towards the end of the century. The primary focus here is cosmetics. Homemade cosmetics was at an all time high in which all women of status indulged in layers of cosmetics. This included women working on the streets and women in Versaille. Cosmetic trends even applied to men.

Cosmetics prior, during, and after the 18th century were mainly homemade remedies. Still, cities are booming and shops demanding supplies of whigs and cosmetics is a new, exciting aspect of an extravagant appearance. The shoppers were the 'New People'; middle and lower class men/women investing in more aristocratic appearances.
During this time, the first school of hairdressing and wig-making opened in Paris in The Académie de Coffure (1768) promoting and creating new trends. 
Their concoctions and hair updos had infamous consequences; it wasn't uncommon for inflamed, swollen eyes, different textured skin, premature balding, and even death from poisoning to occur. 
Countess de Bavière-Grosberg by Alexander Roslin

If we were to look at a woman (or man) in Versaille in the mid 18th century, you might have seen some of the following practices/ styles:
  • Mask-like, white face paint
  • Rouge in cream, liquid and powder form; made from mixing carmine with plaster of Paris.  Often applied with Spanish Wool in a round or triangular shape. At the time, the contrast between heavy rouge and a pale complexion was seen as very asthetically pleasing.
  • Lips were painted in a 'rosebud' shape with the same rouge; a trend that wouldn't emerge until the 20's/30's
  • A pale complexion was a status of wealth; men and women would even paint blue veins on exposed skin to give the look of a pasty complexion.
  • Eyebrows were filled in with burnt clove and were given a high arch. Some women would even shave their eyebrows, use a pink paste and apply mouse hair as a replacement. 
  • Infamous patches made out of taffeta, leather or gummed paper were used to describe interest, traits or conceal scars that likely came from small pox. Men and women would sometimes wear up to 16 patches on their face/decollete to indicate different traits, moods and alliances.  Some of the messages/shapes these patches came in were:
    • Moons, stars and birds
    • A symbol of political allegiance
      • Whigs placed their patches on the right and Tories on the left
    • Mood:
      • A patch at the corner of the eye indicated passion
      • In the center of the cheek indicated feeling happy
      • On the nose meant feeling 'saucy'
      • Around the lip meant romantic
      • On the dimple meant playful
      • On the forehead meant majestic
      • On the breast indicated a murderess

A Lady Applying A Beauty Patch by Francois Boucher

In my recreation I opted for a softer look that's present in many paintings during this era. I used the Josie Maran Lip and Cheek Creamy oil as I felt this was a modern product that would be similar to the kind of textures rouge came in during this time. There's this Etsy Store called LBCC Historical Apothecary and Cosmetics. The owner uses historic recipes to recreate popular fragrances, skincare and cosmetics with natural ingredients. Of course, she excluded ingredients that are now considered toxic. 

WHITE 18th Century Lavender Scented Hair and Face Powder - Toilet De Flora1772 Burnt Cloves To Darken The Eyebrows- Original Historical Recipe

All in all, it's a really cool concept and I'm dying to try some of her products out! They're really affordable!

Another interesting trend was the use of facemasks and yes, I mean face masks that were used outside of a masquerade. These masks were often black and made out of black silk or velvet, stiffened with fine leather or buckram. These were worn when going outside to protect the face most likely; there aren't many paintings displaying these bizarre masks. The most popular shape was the half-face shape which circled the eyes and tied behind with ribbons. Full face masks were also popular in some European countries, but not all.

In terms of the history of European cosmetics prior to the 18th century, eye makeup was never a heavy focus. However, since the 1700's was a time of extravagance, it seems strange that the eyes received little attention in the heavy, mask like makeup these men and women wore. Historians believe that the prevalence of actual masks may have added the dramatic effect that would have otherwise been achieved with makeup. 

Yeah, a bit unsettling

Hair itself was this separate, complicated ordeal. The bigger the better and most women resorted to wigs and extensions due to the immense strain that was placed on their hair. Every few weeks women would have their hair professionally curled, larded, powdered, and then adorned with small flowers and feathers. They would avoid bathing to keep the hair intact. This lack of maintenance resulted in lice and fleas for many women of lower status. Those who could afford an expensive treatment were still subject to scalp problems and the possibility of mice nesting in their hair due to their attraction to the lard. 

Mary Robinson by John Hoppner; late 18th century

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, will forever be an icon for the attitude of aristocratic fashion. The people of France developed a hatred for her, viewing her as a frivolous Queen during a time of poverty for many. Despite being viewed as intelligent by many of her tutors, she was always disinterested in studies and viewed as lazy by many. 

 "I am calm," the queen wrote, "as people are whose conscience is clear." 

Her extravagance is not entirely a personal flaw and was exaggerated by many. The Queen of Versaille was suppose to be an image of regality and many of her expected practices reveal this. For example, anyone who was in the palace was encourage to watch the Queen get ready. "I put on my rouge and wash my hands in front of the whole world," a quote describing a ritual in which she was required to put on her makeup in front of dozens of courtiers.
Her reputation was further tarnished in 1785 when a imposter stole and sold a 647-diamond necklace in her name. This extravagant 'purchase' infuriated the people and despite the fact she was proved innocent, most viewed her as guilty. 

That concludes another one of my historic posts. I hope at least a few people found this interesting!