April 17, 2014

A Few of Goodies from the Balm

I was waiting for the day that the balm would be featured on Hautelook again...this day happened to be a day where North Carolina had an awful icestorm and I lost power for an entire day.....but hey, I found a way to order these goodies (3g babbbbyyy). Of course, it took a month to get everything and they all came in separate boxes...what even; get yo shit together haute look dats not eco conscious.. Anyway, the price was right 

..sorry- and I wanted to go ahead an put my 2 cents in on the products that I bought

After all the damn peer pressure, I decided to buy Mary Lou-Manizer because,yeah...you know why. It's a gorgeous golden highlighter that's pretty stark, but not too glittery or frosty...me likey! Also, it's so buttery and smooth and that's always a plus for some reason. 

what a melon! Melon shade that is.. This is the instain blusher in Swiss Dot. This one packs a punch and when they say stain, they ain't fucking around. This is one of the longest wearing blushers in my collection! That's about all I can say, they're just great!

If there's something that my collection lacks, it's good concealers...so I just picked one up for the heck of it (so frivolous) . The names Time Balm and Lighter than Light, I was sold. However, this is not lighter than light because it was still too dark and peachy for me...the struggle continues. However, it's not cakey, natural looking but has full coverage; it's a pretty solid concealer!

Swatches from left to right: Mary Lou, Swiss Dot, and Lighter than Light

Overall, these all lived up to the quality I expect from the balm! I got all three for $40, but if I had bought them off of the balm's site, it would be $64

April 15, 2014

I'm stupid

Ah yes, the 15% off sale Sephora had was all too tempting....plus 8% cash back on ebates?! I didn't just shop once, not twice, but THREE times! I always buy two things at sephora; nothing more nothing less. Two things is enough to feel like I really went to town, without making my wallet severely depressed. So, I bought a few things and let me tell you, I'm having buyer's remorse, but at the same time, noooo regrets ;) (I don't make any sense)

Holla, holla, holla; 15% off of YSL?! This is a rare occurance and I figured, let's do dissss! I actually exchanged Opera Rose with a rather (shitty) Guerlain Rouge Automatique I purchased, but the other one I did get the 15% off. I forgot how much I liked these!!! I used up one a year ago and haven't thought about them since but oh my lord! Buttery, opaque, long wearing-yes, it's true, these are the products of black magic 

Shades (lft-right) Peach Passion (13) and Opera Rose (29)

Clinique has been killing it with all of their hot, hot releases (I sound like a radio spokesman)...and I've grown curious about their eyeshadows...of course, a quad with earthy greens is right up my alley and yeah; just a no brainer!

Isn't the packaging nifty? I don't know maybe I'm just easily impressed!

G-oooorgeous! I mean did you hear the angels sing?

From the one time I wore these, I can say that they blend wonderfully and have great pigmentation...of course, they don't have that oh-so-satisfying butter-y texture I've been spoiled with Urban Decay....but still really nice!

I was also really interested in trying the bare mineral's pressed eyeshadows because, hello; they're gorgeous! I was so excited because the lighter shade (Azure Iris) was looking fiiiine on sephora's site....however, I'm not sure if it's profile pic matches up (I feel like I've been Cat fished!). Might have to return this one...

It's got that nars packaging--basically, it's annoying as hell (why does this kind of plastic even exist)

From left to right: Azure Iris, Golden Iris
No creasing or fading! Awesome color pay off and super buttery....just not too sure about the shades!

When the rumors came out about this palette, I was like ¨Yes, need.more.urban decay¨, however I wasn't blown away when it was released. It seemed like they threw random shades in and it wasn't a very practical palette for me...

BUT SWEET NIBLETS IT'S PRETTY!!!! I love the packaging and the shades are all stunning! I don't own anything like it and it's been a great toy for this girl :) Don't worry, I'm going to post a review and a few eye looks soon!

Ah yes, this beut! Guerlain is THE iconic lipstick brand, creating the first modern lipstick in the 1890's (which was quite revolutionary at the time because makeup wasn't ¨in¨ yet). I'M SORRY I'M A HISTORY GEEK. Anyway, knowing that, I was like: me want (pretty makeup makes me forget how to speak properly apparently). Let's talk about the packaging because, that's the reason this little guy has a $51 price tag! It's stunning: all made out of metal (so it's really fat and heavy), a magnet, a double sided mirror, and everything is engraved (no stickahs here!). It was actually designed by a jeweler to be like a compact; an accessory!

(28) Genna

As for formula, it's beautiful! Opaque, feather light, vibrant, wears a long time, doesn't dry out, and only emphasizes GOOD lip features (that phrase sounds weird now that I'm reading it..) Also, I feel fancy as heeeeeelll wearing this out and reapplying in public.

So that concludes this outrageously expensive and tragic haul/damage I've done.... Also, you may have been thinking: wow, the  picture quality is not as crappy as usual. Well my dearies, my looovely aunt it letting me borrow her oh-so-nice camera that she really doesn't use too often for the rest of the month! Hoozah for nice quality posts!

April 9, 2014

Shea Moisture Eyeshadow Review-New to Target!

Hey fellas, sorry for the lack of posting...no excuse actually...just a lot of netflix watching happening lately! I was at Target and happy to see that they've completely revamped the place; which included a new makeup brand. The brand is cruelty free, paraben free and made in the US....the only thing is that they feel that makes them entitled to raise the prices because we're talking about some Physician's Formula shiznit. However, a gorgeous shade called Taylor called my name and I haaaaad to get it, right? 

I mean holy guacamole how could anyone in the right mind see this and not look at it twice?! The cool thing about the brand is that they have two different compacts that can hold and reuse a bunch of their products! The smaller one holds lip products, shadows and blushers, while the larger one holds powder products. Pretty nifty huh? NOPE! They don't include any sort of product that actually allows you to adhere the product in there! I ended up gluing in mine, which I immediately regretted when I realized I hate it (spoiler alert) and wanted to return it....

The only thing good about the packaging is that it's sturdy... with the Nars-like rubber and heavy duty acrylic.....

Swatches are without primer

So the brand claims you can use it dry and wet which I did in the picture above. The shadow is hard and lacks color payoff. It lasted a long time and applied evenly, but that's the only thing this shadow's got going for it!! I had a hard time working with it wet and at the end of the day, there's no way I'm ever going to put that much effort into wearing a shadow!

Most definitely a NAY! I haven't been this disappointed with a shadow in a while! In fact, I am so disappointed with this product that I don't want to check out the rest of their line (which is petty, but I really don't have high expectations at this point). The compact was $1.99 and the shadow was $4.99 (I think)...and I can tell you that the hefty $7 price tag for one eyeshadow is ridiculous!!

April 5, 2014

Quick Review of the NEEEWWWW Studio Gear CC Cream

   If you are a beauty blogger and not registered on Brand Backer, then take a moment honey because it's worth your time!! Studio Gear was kind enough to send me their new CC Cream to try out and review for you, my lovely readers. So let me stop my nonsense lovey dovey talk, and let's get into the review:

   So first thing I need to get off my chest is that I am not a fan of most American-ized BB/CC creams; mainly because they are just tinted moisturizers with a fancy title. I like a medium-full coverage and so, I knew going into this that I probably wasn't going to be in love with it...

   It's a white product that has little pigment balls (?) that activate when you start blending. There are three shades, Linen, Natural and Wheat ...obviously, my pale-butt needed Linen-which was way too dark. However, this does adjust to your skin, so nothing to worry about. Overall, the application was really cool, but nothing unique...cough cough LÓreal cough cough

   On to the coverage; there is none. Literally, nothing. It does even out the skin, but doesn't cover up any discoloration or redness. On the plus side, it's undetectable but still, I neeeeed my coverage. Layering kinda helped, but I needed a shit ton (a standard unit of measure) to get light coverage. It was super moisturizing without being oily, so I think this would appeal to most skin types but..still, meh

   Now, I do have one more positive thing to say about this CC cream, it's a great base. It evens out the skin, moisturizes and really prolonged the wear of my foundation. It's also paraben and cruelty free, so props to Studio Gear. However, this guy (with the standard 1 fluid oz.) retails for $35 and I can't justify it! Sure, I love it as a base, but not enough to splurge on it!

I just finished the Office and man oh man I was so invested in that show! Expect a lot of gifs...probably with Kevin and Creed 

Honestly, the product is not awful, but not for me and certainly not worth the hefty price tag! However, that doesn't mean that someone out there won't love it! I think you need to weigh out the pros and cons for sure!

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March 26, 2014

Too Faced 2014 Summer Collection (Pardon My French)-> Pics, Swatches, and First Impressions


   I did some major splurging on this collection, but I honestly couldn't help myself! Too Faced has made a soft spot in my heart! My first highend eyeshadow palette (and one of my first highend purchases ever!) was by Too Faced and it really triggered my love for eyeshadows! They're cruelty free and their La Cremes are my holy grail lipsticks (and yet, I've been too lazy to write a post to let you guys know that!). That being said, it's been a while since I've tried out their products, but once Tarababyz did a video on these two, I knew that I wanted both!!

   Like all of the new Too Faced palettes, it comes in a tin which I prefer! It feels more expensive and looks nicer! It also comes with the expected look book, which is always nice to glance at.

From Left to Right:
  • Soleil is a burgundy/clay toned brown. The pigmentation and smoothness of the shadow is out.of.this.world!
  • Cannes is a stunning peachy, orange shade. The base is pretty sheer, but has beautiful shimmer and glitter. The chunkiest shadow of the bunch!
  • St. Tropez is a shadow that could not be captured in any photo! It's a matte, butter shade with golden glitter and it's STUNNING! 
  • Côte d'Azur is a warm chocolate brown with the same impeccable formulation found in Soleil.
  • Jardin was a bit sheer the first time I swatched it, but the more I've used it, the better is performs! It's a gorgeous warm pink with a gold shift! This is what I wish MAC's expensive pink was like!!
  • Riviera is a yellow-y, peach-y shimmer shade! Nothing more, nothing less, but still gorgeous!
  • De La Mer has a story to it! A satin navy with blue shimmer and a crumbly formula...I wasn't too impressed at first. However, I found that (like they suggested) this is a PERFECT shadow liner. It glides on like a gel liner and with the intensity of one...but only if you apply it like so... weird!!
  • Monaco is the main reason I bought this palette! This intense deep pink looked like a dupe for UD's Woodstock, which I've wanted for ages, but couldn't justify paying $18 for a single shadow that I wouldn't wear too often! Best shadow formulation in the palette!
  • La Croisette is an off white shimmer with intense color pay off! Really lovely!

Here you can see the Teddy Bear Kabuki that they included. It's a nice, synthetic brush that picks up a lot of product...actually, a bit too much! Also, the magnet could be a bit stronger.. It's not flimsy, but if you hold if upside down, it can flap open which I wasn't too crazy about, as anyone would.

I think the photos can speak for themselves, but I wanted to mention the Chocolate Soleil scent here...it's pungent... Like, I could still smell it on my face hours later! Also, it vaguely reminds me of hot chocolate, but it wasn't as spot on as I expected from the overwhelming amount of opinions that stated that it smelled exactly like chocolate!

Overall, I love both palettes! I only have a few complaints:
  • Cannes is chunky
  • The eyeshadow palette lacks any mattes..You can get nice looks without any mattes, but still I feel that the palette could use a matte. Maybe one of the two browns?
  • The lid on the bronzer palette can flap open when hold upside down.
  • The kabuki picks up too much product; even with a slight touch. 
Man, this was a long and serious post, but we had to get down to business today!