July 27, 2014

I'm just rambling on--Givenchy Harmonie Extravagancia Lip and Eye Palette Review

Tell me the album and we be homies fo life..


What.can.I.say... A pretty palette will always call my name! (Ooo, dat rhyme). I mean, I felt that Givenchy really did a superb job on the packaging for this sucker...and maybe that was half of the appeal (it's always half of the appeal for this fucker here). Also, I cashed in my swagbucks for a sephora gift card and that made the $66 price tag a tad bit easier to cope with.

Like the Le Rouges I loved oh so much, it's got leather and stud details. I'm not sure if it's real leather like the lipsticks, but let's just say it is. I mean, the details are so beautiful I find myself looking at it too much.

It's alarming how many times I could use Gollum/Smeagol gifs on my blog, it truly is.

The color combination was a bit bizarre.. The colors didn't seem to go to gether and the undertones clashed a bit in the swatches... I would also mention that these are built up swatches and for the best color payoff a base is needed.. 

Though, the glitter shades had minimal fallout and were easy to clean up.. I think we're all aware of the  horror that is glitter fallout that won't wipe off..

okay, maybe a slight exaggeration

I'll go a head and describe this lippie as a muted strawberry red... It was a bit on the sheer side and felt more like a balm than a gloss or lipstick. Nothing too spectacular really. I would imagine this could go on your cheeks as well, but it would be a bit tacky for my taste. 

So here I am, swatching, complaining, thinking the shades wouldn't work together, not impressed with the swatches, blah blah blah. Then, BAM, I slapped on the shadows and saw something actually not too shitty happen. The shadows blended effortlessly and complimented each other surprisingly well!

I used a black eyeshadow to line and define a little, but nothing else! I mean, I was really digging this look.. I can't even come up with the right words right now... and I'll be too lazy to come up with them later, so just accept my lack of ability to articulate anything.

The lip color that I also wasn't too impressed with earlier complimented the eyes wonderfully.. so I guess you could say it all worked out in the end!

The overall look is pretty stunning I will admit that, though I didn't think the quality was necessarily out of this world... Don't get me wrong, this palette is GOOD quality, but not my favorite formulations.

  I loved the finished look so much I think I'll hold on to it because, I guess I'm just another makeup hoarder. It's okay, I've accepted it at this point.

July 25, 2014

ugh, you too Dior?!-- Swatches of the new Dior Palette in 876 Trafalgar

When Dior announced that they were coming out with new palettes, I went ape shit. I mean, if you haven't seen them yet, fucking do it because they are the prettiest things ever. The day after they were released, I went to Nordstroms in Chicago and snatched one up... and man it was like Pompeii in there. People running around, grabbing whatever they can.. it was no surprise that I didn't get the palette I was eyeing. Though, who would honestly like to go back in there...

So, I do what I do and play around with my makeup. 

Brownie points if you can name the album and band
SOoOO, a little different than the old. Slimmer and without the gorgeous holographic CD I adored so much. Seriously, Dior? serioussslllyyy I'm not too disappointed that I got the wrong palette because, look at the gorgeous and unique color combination! I've never seen anything quite like it.

Also, thumbs up to Dior for making the highest quality pouch I've had yet

And if you have a shit ton of these (which, let's be honest, I might be that person give or take a year), they have the color on the back.

At first they were a little hard and weren't overly buttery or pigmented.. which was a bit worrisome. 

BUT, I discovered that they need to just be broken into a bit. Also, skip on the sponge applicators because these fellas need a brush. I was also happy that the pink and white were irridescent, smooth pixi dust-esc shadows... not.a.fan.of.pink.on.my.eye

Here's a look with all 5 shadows that I slapped on at 2 in the morning (I'm full of bright ideas, huh?). That red/burgundy fucker has some serious intensity when you swatch it, but with a brush I felt like I had a lot of control over the amount went on.

 Also, I wasn't sure how the colors would look together, but I dig it. It's all arty fartsy.

The shimmer doe.... so stunning! My pictures will never truly capture their sheen. Plus they blended together with ease... which means I can get away with slapping these suckers on without looking stupid- AND THAT'S ALWAYS A PLUS

I'm running out of material here, so enjoy a kinda fitting gif of David Grohl. ANYWAY, I was pretty impressed... maybe more so than the YSL couture palettes so far (although, that fall palette is calling my name so hard I don't know if I can resist much longer).

Pied De Poule is totally going to happen next...keep an eye out

July 22, 2014

YSL Volupté Sheer Candy in 16 Cherry Desire (Cerise Désir)

WARNING! YSL lipsticks may be as addictive as cocaine and other drugs. Please read with caution:

Stalking the Sephora site as usual, I found out that YSL released some Sephora exclusive Sheer Candies. Now, I've never been interested in them before... I've borrowed a couple and basically they're over priced tinted lip balms. Yes, they do enhance yo lips like crazy, and yes they look beautiful and feel great- BUT WHATEVER, I wasn't feeling it before...

but den... 


Belle Cannelle
Rose Candy
Cerise Désir
Fraise Ganache

Of the 4, I was eyeing Cerise Désir the most because, what a sexy ass color, am I right!?! Since Sephora hasn't done much advertising for the newbies, no one seems to have them yet and therefore there were no reviews for me to decided to buy one or not. (I'm REALLY living the struggle life here)

Luckily, my sephora had the newest products (for once) and like I predicted, I was only interested in Cerise Désir.

Sorry for the dry face, but let's just focus on dat color! I mean, HELLO! I can't even think of words in the english language that would accurately describe how nice that color is! All of the new colors have pretty nice color pay off because they are a bit deeper.
 They're moisturizing (not necessarily nourishing), plumping and just really fucking flattering. Tarte Tanya also recommended Mouthwatering Berry to me... so... we all know what's probably going to go down.

I'm not going to even bother with a 'Yay or Nay' here because we all know how fucking obsessed/addicted I am to YSL lip products. What can I say? They make a not-so-classy girl feel like the sheeet