April 22, 2015

Blogging Break is over-- Cosmetic Haul from Ireland

Like everything else in my life, I've been a bit behind with posting lately. I need to get my shit together
I was in Ireland visiting my family and getting a feel for some of the Universities. Of course, I wouldn't be myself if I returned to blogging without a) A shit ton of products and b) an obscene amount of photos. Some upcoming blog posts will be about skincare, 18th century cosmetics, and the few things I picked up from sephora. 

Whatever, let's get this shindig rolling

Something on my wishlist while in Ireland was to visit the Burren Perfumary. When they say it's in the Burren, the mean it's in the middle of the fucking Burren. It was in the middle of nowhere, but the long scenic route wasn't half bad. The Burren perfumery has a tea room, a garden full of plants native to the area, classes and a shop. All of their products are hand made and organic...plus, pretty reasonable prices! They also offered free shipping to all countries in case you're interested.

 The fragrances I picked up were the Spring and Summer Harvest. These are their descriptions:

"We created Spring Harvest to evoke the scents of an armful of wild herbs gathered in the Spring. A fresh, aromatic fragrance with top notes of Mint, Lemonbalm and Fennel."

"Summer Harvest recalls lying in a meadow on summer's afternoon. A delicate, floral fragrance with notes of Meadowsweet, Lady's Bedstraw and a hint of Chamomile."

I also purchased a floral water which is nice for refreshing yourself or your clothing, but nothing else. 

I also picked up a few items from the Nude Purism collection by Catrice. The clear plastic packaging was surprisingly weighty and sustainable. The pigmentation varied, but the consistency was very smooth and had a soft, pearlized finish. 

You should have seen me in Boots.. it was...scary. 
I don't know what overcame me, but I spent so much in so little time... it was so ridiculous that I forced myself to go back and return most of the items. The only items that survived my insanity were the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets and one Colour Boost whatever thingy. The textures are nice and comfortable and they faded nicely. My only complaints would be a funky, penny scent and the silicone based formula can sometimes separate from the pigment. Still, I'm digging these fellas and maybe this is the lip product that will convince me to branch away from my lipstick obsession/ lifestyle.

From left to right:
Hot Red Pepper, Frambourjois, Nude-ist, and Peach on the Beach

So that's it for now, more posts to come about Sephora, Melt Cosmetics and whatever. For now, enjoy a ridiculous amount of photographs: