January 21, 2015

Makeup that Could Kill--- Ellis Faas Haul

I get some sort of high off of new makeup and it's packaging; concepts get me buzzed. ANWAY, Ellis Faas is as interesting as it gets...watch dis shit:

I'm completely smitten with their vibe (??); a wearable brand with both the artist and everyday woman (or man) in mind. Almost all of her products are housed in these luxe silver bullets which can be held in their custom capsule or otherwise. All of the shades are described as ¨human shades¨, meaning that they occur naturally within the human body making all shades 'universally flattering'---I want to call BS on that, but so far I'm finding that claim to be true.

The textures are also bizarre but in the most wonderful way possible. OH YEAH, the best part was that I got these suckas for $14 off of Space NK and you can still take advantage of that HERE. There isn't much left BUT STILL. 

Use the code spacesale20 for 20% additional off sales items and the code ship30 for free shipping... I think this deal ends on the 26th

Top to Bottom:

Milky Lips in Toffee Beige: A lightweight, cream lip product that's not overly glossy, but rather plush feeling. It's a stunning yellow based tan color that's more wearable than it appears.

Creamy Lips in Bright Fuchsia: Light weight and acts like a stain, but with full opacity and is in no way drying. Everything about the formula is nice and yet, doesn't make any sense. I don't know how they achieved such a formulation; all I know is I want more.

Creamy Eyes in Khaki: It's no secret that I love me a good Khaki and this one + RBR Abyssinian Catbird??? = green eyeshadow borderline porn. 
Creamy, opaque and so effortless and versatile without you sacrificing wear time. Even with my oily lids, I got 6 hours wear without a primer. 

Toffee Beige

Bright Fuchsia

I'm tellin' ya, this brand has it all. Beautifully artistic, wearable (CF) and convenient...also, it looks like a weapon. TAKE NOTE BEAUTY COMPANIES, weapon shaped makeup is a nice touch

January 15, 2015

UM, HEAVEN??? IS THAT YOU? --- Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Blossoming

I may or may not have started a deadly obsession over here...

and I'm leaning on the 'may' side.

Kjaer Weis is a niche brand that's not too widely available and is sold at a ridiculously high price point.... making the temptation to try these suckers out all the more intense. Kjaer Weis is also cruelty free and is a certified organic brand; most of their products being 95% organic. AND GET THIS, this product is as beautiful in texture as it is in the packaging.

hot damn.

Housed in a red lacquer box is this hefty as fuck metal compact with a magnetic closure. It's a piece of jewelry and dare I say it; it's more luxurious and jewelry like than my beloved Rouge G's. This is probably the prettiest cosmetic I own and might even love it more than say, Buster Bluth

If that's not commitment, then I don't know what commitment is.

However, you pay a lot for the compact. Retailing at $56; it's not exactly cheap. The refill is $30 but still; $26 for a compact. You pay so much because 1)it's stunning and 2) it's suppose to last you for numerous refills if not an eternity.

3.5 grams isn't a shit ton of product (again, 'shit ton' being a standard unit of measure) but then again, it's not the smallest amount of product I've seen *cough cough CHANTECAILLE cough cough* 

A little bit about the texture. The wear time was as long as any other high quality blusher which was surprising considering it being an organic product. TambiĆ©n, the product was surprisingly smooth considering the lack of silica; the absence of silica often makes organic products harder to blend and what not. While I did notice this having a distinct texture, it still blended nicely and effortlessly. 

**SIDE NOTE** editing your posts is important because sometimes you start using spanish words...happens to the best of us

The finish is neither dewey nor powdery, but rather natural and stain-ish (?)
It really takes on the texture of your skin which I dig

Blossoming is like a petal pink with a warm undertone; killer choice for the pasty gals

I think this is love and I'm planning on purchasing more products this week....*sigh*
I honestly have no complaints with it's performance but want to remind ya guys that the price point is a bit hard to swallow. Unfortunately, my perception of what an expensive product is has gone wonky and I'm not too bothered by it. The ingredients are phenomenal, the packaging is the most impressive I've seen yet, and the performance was great as well. 

If you order it off of beautylish, you can get $10 off your first order which is what I did.... her highlighter is also worth peeking at if ya know what I'm saying 

ugh, it's 2 o'clock
I have an exam tomorrow
and I'm delirious as fuck


January 10, 2015

January Showers? -- Laura Merier Watercolor Misty Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2015

Excuse my absence: I'm sick as shit

Moving on.

While us beauty junkies get slapped with new collections on the daily, it's easy to wonder is it worth it? Do things come out that are actually worth the money in terms of quality and uniqueness? Most of the time, the answer is no and I still end up buying it. don't judge me, you do it too

Well ladies and gents, I got right 'ere somethin' special

First off, scroll back up and look at the cover.
You good?

Isn't it something else? I'm in love! It's like that MAC collection only better cause ya know, it's not MAC...sorry. not.a.MAC.fan.

When I saw this palette, I was intrigued considering I haven't seen a palette this unique in a really long time. You would think because I'm a lovely shade of white/blue/pink, that I would love spring collections but in all honesty, I usually skip them. But man, grungy pastels? Now that's what I'm talking about! 

The textures are all lovely; pigmented, opaque enough and non-patchy. A major complaint was that they're all mid-toned and therefore, lacked any contrast. After playing with it, I find that they work fine together and that's nothing you really have to worry about. If anything, the blushes and shadows might not show up on medium/tan/deep skin tones. It's definitely something you want to double check... unless yous pastyyyyy

From left to right:

Mist, Fog and Storm

From left to right:

Wind, Purple Rain, and Cloud

Top to bottom:

Sunset, Earth

You can hardly see the light pink blush shade in these swatches and yeah, it's basically soft as fuck. Another reason why this might be best for those with pale complexions.

Also, there's a swatch to the left of another blush and to the right, a highlighter.
I'm a fucking mess

See how you can still see some color differences? It really does work out nicely together and it's nothing I've seen before.

I honestly have no complaints with the quality of this palette; It's pretty gosh darn impressive. If anything, I think the amount of people who will get use out of this is rather limiting considering how light most of these shades are and just the nature of these shadows. That being said, it's still worth looking into.

But hey, so many products are too dark for us pale gals... It's nice to see something that flatters us
I mean, we've got foundations and the sun fighting against us on the daily

January 5, 2015

Damn NARS, again?--- Review on the Dual Intensity Shadow in Cassiopeia

I really want to get into NARS, I really do....
But I have another dud. 

I swatched this in store and fell in love; a gorgeous iridescent lavender/frosty duo chrome shade. Unlike anything I had seen before and it was the only shade from the line that really sparked interest for me. However, when I got mine in the mail, I felt that the initial magic we had; that romantic spark between a gal and her eyeshadow, was gone. 

It swatches nicely, catching the light and all. However, wet, dry, packed on, blended, primer, no primer, colour base, whatever: nothing made it stand out on lids. It was barely there! I could never get it to catch the light like it had on the swatch and since it has no colour base really, it looked like I had applied an uneven coat of shimmer. 

I'm not saying I don't like this line, but I was really fucking disappointed with this shade....why play at my heart strings again, NARS?? I mean, when applied wet it's a bit better, but it's nothing I would rave about. Plus, it ended up being more pink than lavender on the eye...

Granted, this picture isn't really doing the swatch justice... 
YEAH, THIS IS IT APPLIED WET! It's showing up with flash; though, you can still see how it goes on a bit uneven.

Here's an eyelook that I did with it; Cassiopeia is in the innermost corner

Do you see a lot going on in the inner corner?? No, that's the point. The purple shimmer you see in this photo is from an UD eyeshadow.

If you look at the swatch video from Allura Beauty, you can see the uneven nature of the shadow HERE; even though she gave it a pretty positive review. I mean, it's pretty but it's nothing phenomenal in my opinion. I ended up returning it in exchange from one of those Becca souffle thingys. 

Again, pretty but a bit problematic and went more pink on the eye than it swatched. If I held on to it, I knew I wasn't going to really use it!

December 30, 2014

Sock Knocking Fellas--- 2014 Discoveries

I am on a posting ROLE, BABY

So today I have the Game Changers, the big shabang, the big kahuna if you will. Surprisingly, there were no face products! I bought plenty of face makeup; plenty that I liked too. Still, there wasn't anything in those categories that was super extraordinary for me. Scratch that, the Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream was heaven in a bottle... I used it up a few weeks ago though :((

So in the mean time, here's lipsticks, eye products and nail polishes that really don't suck:

1) Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick:

Now, I never got around to reviewing these guys, but trust me they're amazing. A close contender to my Rouge G's. In fact, I got all of these in like a month; once I started, I couldn't stop. Creamy, opaque, all natural yada yada. You've heard about this brand before, so let me leave it at this: There's a reason why they're so hyped. 

2) Guerlain Rouge G's:


Ridiculously priced and luxurious; but oh so worth it! I swear, every shade in the line is flattering for every complexion. They have a very similar formulation to Bite Beauty, but a bit thinner and have a more polished look on the lips. Perhaps it's best that I gave up purchasing more once I decided to go CF, because these were seriously addicting. 

3) Lipstick Queen as a Whole:


I don't know why I love this line so much... they're not my favorite formulation or anything! Poppy King must have some voodoo shit going on, because I keep buying her lipsticks. They're very luxe and I would highly recommend See Me, Medieval and Let them Eat Cake. The others? Not necessarily must haves.

But they're pretty...

4) Burberry Eyeshadows:

Posts HERE and HERE

Prior to 2014, I didn't understand that there was a whole other league of eyeshadow.

What a fool.

Burberry's sheer eyeshadows are so soft, blendable and heavenly; I don't think I have the vocabulary to accurately describe them. Take my word, swatch them, and you'll get it.

Burberry eyeshadows aren't a thing; it's an experience.

5) My Most Used Eye Palettes:

My three most used palettes this year were the TARTE BE MATTENIFICENT, VEGAS LIGHTS, and UD's ELECTRIC PALETTE. Tarte's palette is the perfect neutral matte palette for a pale fucker like me. The Vegas Lights palette is amazing; quality, colors, etc. Definitely one of the most unique things to come out in a while. 

Now, the electric palette.... it doesn't seem like something I would wear and to be honest, I've never worn this out. But dammit, I love playing with it. I've played with it all year and it never gets boring. Essentially, a beauty junkie toy. 

6) Other Great Eye Finds:

I've talked the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadows to death but seriously, if you haven't already tried them please do so! They're natural, fair trade, insanely gorgeous and high performing; IT LITERALLY DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER. As for the Wet N Wild Mega Liner in Dark Brown, I bought this a year ago and only started using it in the last few months. Shame on me because this is the work of the gods. Precise, opaque and long wearing for $2.

7) Honorable Mention: (AKA, I forgot to take a photo):

The Mineral Fusion polishes.LORD.
Review HERE

Also, while I still have your attention here, please go vote for some possible posts in 2015.
Tell me what to do.

December 29, 2014

Rockin' Out--- December Favorites

Welp December is basically over and I'm this much closer to being back at school....


Anyway, people dig these kind of posts so I do them. I guess it's a cool way to check back on the things I mentioned and I forgot to mention... It's kinda sad that there's a shit ton of products that I buy and don't review. On a lighter note, everything here is Cruelty Free

From Left to Right:
(Highlighted= Link to a review)

  1. Bite Beauty's Cava: I've been in love with this lipstick for a year and yet, could not bring myself to try it. Described as a lilac beige, every inch of me said 'hell no'. However, it turned out to be the most unique neutral lipstick in my collection and not nearly as unflattering as it looked.
  2. NARS Jane: If you read my blog, you know I hated the shade Bette; it was the grossest thing I've ever put on my lips. Jane (a terracotta rose) however, was always on my mind. I mean look at that shit, it's fucking gorgeous! I'm pleased to say that Jane lives up to the hype...more might have to come into my possession.
  3. Josie Maran's Creamy Lip/Cheek Oil in Everlasting Honey and Limitless Pink: I'm not one for the heavy face/cheek makeup and when you're this pale, it's easy to go overboard. JM's Cheek Oils sounded horrendous, but have the right amount of sheen and color for everyday wear. Not necessarily an all day thing, but it looks so fresh and natural the few hours I have it on so, I really don't care. 
  4. Josie Maran's Argan Illuminizer: I've been eyeing this bugger for months and I was slightly horrified to see how deep it was.... I need some white frosty shit on my face, not golden/champagne! Blended out, it lightens up significantly and you're left with the most natural dewy glow.. I'm obsessed!
  5. Colour Pop Eyeshadow in So Quiche: A gorgeous sage green with a shit ton of glitter                    ----> heaven.  
  6. Josie Maran Watercolor Coconut Water Eyeshadows in Rio de Rosegold and Playa del Pink: Wow I must really hate Josie Maran! These eyeshadows are no.fucking.joke! Opaque, ridiculously metallic, and budge proof.. And get this; HALF OF IT'S FUCKING COCONUT WATER! How is that even possible????
  7. Hard Candy Walk the Line Liquid Eyeliner in Asphalt: An old favorite/repurchase for me. Hard Candy makes a killer liner, I'll give them that! I'm also really enjoying their new felt tip liner called 'Stroke of Gorgeous' which has more neutral options. 
So are we feeling a yearly favorites?

December 28, 2014

Bargain Alert-- Flower Beauty Brushes

Quick little post for ya today. Flower Beauty is a drugstore brand that I'm all about; classy, cruelty free and most importantly-- Drew Barrymore. Anyway, I was curious about their new brushes but their prices are higher than most drugstore brands; the powder brush alone is $13. 

I'm happy to say that the powder brush is heavenly; perfect amount of density, heavy handle, soft bristles and is great for a light application of either powder, blusher or bronzer. The eyeshadow brush isn't my favorite, but is pretty versatile. It's flat enough to pack on color and yet, fluffy enough to blend or work color in the crease. The smallest brush? I'm still trying to figure out a purpose for that feller... Kinda an awkward cut.

As I'm typing this... I realized it was a lip brush. 


Right, the most important part; this kit is on clearance for $10. For the powder brush alone, it's a great value. 

Get it.