August 27, 2014

Let's get this over with

When I got the email asking me to review the new One Direction makeup line, I thought '' hmm, a pretty awful boy band's cheap line targeted towards 10 year old's... yeah I'll do it''. I think I found the concept amusing, especially since I basically review only luxury products at this point. However, when I actually received it, I dreaded the thought of actually touching it.

Basically, think of every stereotypical trait of some cheap, children's makeup made in China and you have The One Direction Makeup line. I mean blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick, REALLY? Is that how you like your girls 1D, because now I'm starting to question you guys more than ever


The brand is owned by Markwins (WNW and Physician's formula's baby daddy) and will be sold at Dillard's and Macy's for probably too much.. It should be popping up any day now... I KNOW, YOU CAN'T CONTAIN THE EXCITEMENT ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT'S LIMITED EDITION

Here's my shit list:

Eyeshadows: Taupe, pink and teal had decent opacity and pigmentation, but had no structure and were powder-ier than my coke. Also, all you have to do is look at the blue shadow and cream shadow to know that that's a total shit fest.

Lipstick: Smelled like expired gumdrops.. Textures were thick and went into the lines. Also, the gloss was grittier than sand paper. Though, the whole ''it glows in UV lighting'' is a cool concept I guess (because, you know them 10 year old's want their glosses to glow at those raves of theirs)

Pencil: not as bad as it could be, but it was a smudgy, uneven mess.

Mascara: Doesn't really do anything except smudge like crazy

Nail polish:  Sheer... just, so sheer

Now, maybe you have a kid that loves to party hard. If that's the case, it's the ''Up All Night'' kit (one out of three). For more info, check their facebook page (because I have to link it for you guys)

Overall, this could be a fun gift for any kid in your life... but it terms of quality, fogetaboutit. I guess this review was pretty harsh, but really man?

 I guess for the..well.. intended audience, It's fun concept.

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August 20, 2014

THIS IS YOU, JULIE-- Review of the Givenchy Limited Edition Lipstick in Framboise Velour


Damn, damn, damn, damn. 

I thought I was done with the Givenchy Fall collection, but then this happened. Knowing that I already loved the Givenchy lipstick formulation made me susceptible to peer pressure, okay? After reading Julie's review, I found myself under a trance.. Next thing I knew, I was accepting another Sephora packaging.

Same ol' story


It comes in a burgundy leather/studded case as opposed to the black ones in the permanent line. 

Still bad ass as ever

I mean, doesn't that just make you want to eat like four boxes of raspberries? I don't know man, but that's what I did last night. The most succulent, rich pink-raspberry with a creamy to matte formulation. I mean, it really doesn't make any sense... creamy and matte. But I swear, it does it

Yeah, a little confusing, huh?

Also, while I'm here rambling... I might add that I didn't think the shade was particularly unique while stalking the Sephora page, but I was totally wrong! I own nothing remotely like this color! However, the other lipstick (Rose Plumetis) that came out is an exact dupe for Givenchy's Brun Vintage... you tryna pull a fast one on me, Givenchy??

You can never have enough Miranda

Anyway, Givenchy does not disappoint! Opaque, perfect texture, long wearing and just makes everything look better. everything

You can get Givenchy and Barney's and Sephoraaaaa

Also, while I probably don't have your attention still, I'd like you to go ahead and subscribe to my Youtube channel... maybe I'll post a haul ;) 

August 17, 2014

Because, it's a sexy collection-- Review of the Chantecaille Fall 2014 Collection

Chantecaille has always been a brand that I found...well, interesting. THEN, a Delicate Rosie Beauty starting showcasing the ENTIRE FALL COLLECTION. Knowing that her posts trigger my shopping tendencies, I tried oh so hard to resist... but not hard enough, obviously. 

ugh, here's mah swatcharoos. First we have Fairy Moss, one of their Hydra Chic lipsticks and man, I can tell why it's their best selling lipstick formulation. Uber pigmented, long wearing, effortlessly creamy and fucking gorgeous

Next is the Cheek Color in Bliss. This.. this is..this.. perfect. Blends into the skin like nothing else with a skin like finish... I can't use the words to describe the voodoo magic going on here.

AND IT LOOKS LIKE A ROSE? I know you must be thinking ''this is a flawless product, heavenly, god like''. Welp, you're wrong. For $38 it comes with only 2.5 grams. To put that into perspective, that's the amount of product a Burberry eyeshadow single has, yeah, I know. That's about half the product amount found in most blushers. 

AND THAT'S NOT ALL, they're Limited Edition. So if you go through this fucker quickly, you're out of luck. And let me just say, it's going out of stock really quickly

Next here is the lipstick and with a name like Fairy Moss, how could I resist? Also, I tend to wear nudes, peaches, corals and sheer lipsticks on the daily... but I never buy them! So, I convinced myself it was a lipstick I would get a lot of use out of... but I wish I was wrong.

Honestly, a great nude for me, but guess what? IT ALSO COMES WITH HALF THE AMOUNT OF USUAL PRODUCT. That's right, a measly 1.7 grams. The packaging is nice, sleek, and encased with a metal material (which y'all know, is a total lipstick turn on for me). BUT STILL, for $35, I feel cheated. 

Overall, the packaging is stunning. The formulations are some of my favorites. THE SHADES ARE PERFECTION. Also, Chantecaille is cruelty free and uses a lot of better ingredients in their products... Though, the price and product amount has left me so hot and bothered, I don't know how I feel.

August 12, 2014

Ugh, again?!- Tarte Haul and First Impressions

Damn you Tarte and your ability to lure me in every.damn.time. 30% off with 5% cash back through ebates? Yeah, I had to take advantage of that! Plus, half of this shit was already on sale, so you know what, IT'S (somewhat) JUSTIFIABLE

Let's start with the foundation. BASICALLY, it's bomb. Blendable, medium/full coverage, and light weight. Also, I don't find it too matte looking; It has a more natural finish. Wear was pretty decent too (maybe, 8 hours?).

~Wow, such clean swatches~

While we're here, let's talk about the Glamazon lipsticks, WHICH TARTE IS FUCKING GETTING RID OF?!?! I have so many fond memories tied with the shade Foxy from the line and... I'm sad to see these guys go :( I mean, they come in a damn bamboo tube and have a super creamy, opaque finish! What more could you want? The shade pictured is Playful, a mauve/ wine shade.. I dig, I dig.

Definitely get these while they're on the sale page (and still available), because it was one of Tarte's better products fo sho (seriously, I'm so confused tarte, WHY DISCONTINUE SOMETHING SO GOOD?)

Now here is the Amazonian Clay blusher in True Love. First off, everyone knows these blushers are legit. I mean, do I even need to go into the details... you know what? I'm not. Here's the basics: long wearing, pretty. Plus, they described it as a watermelon pink and basically... if you throw in the word watermelon, I'm yours

Perhaps the coolest thing about me is my ability to eat an entire watermelon in one sitting without getting a belly ache. yeah.

Also, here's a product I've eyed for ages and waited for a sale like dis one here. This is the Green Amazonian Clay Gel Liner and yeah, it's called green. REALLY CREATIVE NAME TARTE-- sorry, I'm still upset over the Glamazons. 

Anyway, it's an olive green with gold shimmer... they basically should have named it after me, because this is mah shade gurls! Super opaque and creamy like my other gel liners from Tarte! Also, it didn't smear as much as the others so, yay.

I did take a picture of me wearing all of these lovelies... but..well, I looked-

Anyway, that includes my haul... for Tarte that is. Yeah, I've done a lot of damage these past few weeks... Like, a LOT of damage. So, lots of new goodies... maybe I'll do a fashion-ish post/attempt for y'all

I mean, if you're into that

August 6, 2014

Because, I like dressing up like my grandma sometimes-- Bésame Summer 2014 'Resort Collection' Haul and Review

One of my first posts on this lil' ol blog here was a review of a Bésame lipstick. Also, let's comment on how fucking classy these photos are? Bach? Vintage cosmetics? I'm impressing myself with the amount of class that's going down here. 

I discovered the brand through a really interesting website called Glamour Daze and fell in love. All of their products are gluten free, made for sensitive skin, and are vintage replicas. The packaging for all of their products are replicas of 1930's cosmetics used by the owner's (Gabriel Hernandez) Grandmother. Though, the shades themselves are replicas of popular shades from different decades. The new summer shades are recreations of cosmetics from the late 30's (1938 and 1939).

And if you're a history geek, you're probably squealing and shit.
 Lord knows I am

Bottom to top: Apricot Cream Rouge, Tango Red Lipstick, Red Hot Red Lipstick 

Let's look at dem swatches. At the bottom is the Apricot cream rouge, which might be my favorite summer cheekie. It blends like butter on mah skin (which sounds really weird). It also goes over powder products pretty well, so you go cream rouge. Also, it lasts all day and longer. Like, I didn't know such a product could perform that well. 

Plus, the tin is beyond pretty. However, it's a total bitch to open. Seriously, it takes more time opening it than it does to apply it.

Next is the lipstick which also makes me sigh in admiration. I mean, HELLO gorgeous! These are a satin finish and they're shaped that way because they're suppose to double up as your lip liner. I found that they worked well as both a lipstick and a lipliner, but because of that, they do have a tendency to be a bit on the dry side. 

Also, if you're familiar with the lipsticks, on the left is the old packaging and the new is on the right. There are some slight differences and the old packaging is made out of tin... which I actually liked. I'm also a bit irked by the fact that they are producing cheaper velvet sleeves...  You think I won't notice Bésame?! Damn straight I noticed.

Me wearing both productsssss

-Side note- Bésame supplies products for shows/movies that want cosmetics that look, well, legit. Shows like Mad Men annnnnd the new season of American Horror story (get hype)

We all know Pepper was the best thing that happened that season

August 3, 2014

Let them eat cake? I'm down-- Review of the Limited Edition Lipstick Queen lipstick in 'Let Them Eat Cake'

If you can't tell by now, I'm a lipstick junkie. Like, on my tombstone I think I'll have it say:

''Probably spent too much money and time on lipstick''

ANYWAY, this purchase was a result of reading A Delicate Rosie Beauty's blog (check this chick out!). I think her review was in May and I haven't been able to forget about this gorgeous lipstick since. 

Inspired by Marie Antoinette, Poppy came out with a limited edition lipstick that is honestly like nothing I've seen before. AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING

I mean, can you HONESTLY say you've seen a lipstick as intricate and as beautiful as this one? If you said yes, stop lying to yourself. 

Now, lavender tones and shimmer in a lipstick? That sounds like my worst nightmare. However, the lipstick had a slight transparency making it a bit more wearable. The clash of rose gold shimmer and blue toned lavender results in a very neutral tone, making it universally flattering. Now, 'universally flattering' sounds like bull shit, but I found it extremely flattering on me. So, maybe they're on to something here. 

Also, the packaging is perhaps one of my favorites. Encased in a metal tube with a strong-ass magnet means, this fucker is fancy as hell. 

Also, it looks like a little skyscraper, which I find really entertaining for whatever reason... and come on, can you really resist something that comes in a pink velvet box? haha, I gotchu there

The shimmer was a bit gritty upon application, but I didn't experience any discomfort throughout the day. Most shimmery lipsticks have that issue with the shimmer not wanting to come off...even when the rest of the lipstick has worn off. Luckily, I didn't find that to be true with this lipstick

television animated GIF

I didn't even flinch at the $45 price tag (we've reached a whole new level of lipstick addict). -Sidenote- how weird is it that the limited edition lipstick is actually cheaper than the regular line? weird.

Anyway, I believe the availability of this lipstick is pretty limited. Also, it's only for the summer, so you better hop on that shit

Get it HERE and HERE