December 8, 2014

Lipstick Queen's Stella is pretty... Stell-er

Take a minute to recover from that awful title, and return to this post. 

ANNYNyyyyway, I had an ebates check... there was a purple lipstick, the rest is up to interpretation. 
I've been quite ..smitten.. with the Lipstick Queen range; it's mostly because Poppy King is so fucking classy. All she does is talk and next thing I know I want her $50 lipsticks hoping that they too will make me just as classy.

So what's the verdict? Have I suddenly turned into a classy, respectable lady? Not quite; but I do have a really gorgeous purple lipstick with teal shimmer... that's what REALLY counts. 

Okay, despite being pretty in a photo, how did it apply? The formulation is the same as See Me (click for review), so I like that already...however, this is a blue toned purple with teal shimmer! *insert grandma accent* What am I, a raver? Some sort of free-spirited hooligan?

god I love google search
Anyway, my fear was tossed aside once I realized, this is a very versatile color....just watch:

It went on a little uneven in this pic, that's just the dryness I was experiencing that ignore that. 

Stella with NYX lipliner in Nude Pink and Butter Gloss in Sugar Cookie. 

without being familiar with the show, this probably makes no sense
I don't need, but dammit do I like having it. It's just me and another lipstick I didn't really need; what's new? In terms of quality, it is nice; packaging and all. If you really dig a purple lip and wear them frequently, I'd say get it! For me, I don't know why I would get this and I lost the reciept so I'm stuck with it... Luckily a good lip liner and gloss can make this more...conservative (?)

Before I start to sound even more like my grandma, I'm going to end this post here. 

December 2, 2014

Here's a Quickie for ya-- First Impressions of the Naked on the Run Palette

Well, let's be honest, most of my reviews are first impressions... What can I say? I'm impatient
Today is the day ladies and gents; Naked on the Run is here for all! I expected that I wouldn't give a rat's ass about this product, but dammit I ordered it the day it came out on sephora's website for VIB Rouge. It's neutral.. as neutral as it gets and yet, the packaging reeled me in.... yeah, mainly the packaging. The packaging is something to awe over though; this is a dense fucker. Really sturdy packaging and pretty design.

But how about the actual PRODUCTS? Well, I got this little ol' checklist for ya here:

  • Mascara?
    • Added volume and length; little to no clumping. Held a decent amount of curl and didn't smudge or flake on me. Not too shabby 
  • Liner?
    • Stag is a blackened brown with more black than brown. I found it to be very creamy and set nicely. However, I'm not a big fan of these liners for my lower lash-line/waterline in general... they tend to smudge on me. But, this might be a 'me' issue.
  • Gloss?
    • The shade is Sesso and is a brown/plum with a purple sheen. It had a eucalyptus scent, which I guess has to do with the whole 'nourishing' title. Honestly, it's gorgeous but I didn't find the formulation particularly unique. Though, I do think it's pretty nourishing
  • Shadows: 
    • Dive
      • A metallic rose gold shade with more rose than gold. It was very pigmented and had little fall out, but it wasn't the buttery-est shadow I've received from UD. With that being said, it was still pretty good. 
    • Fix
      • A milk chocolate-esc brown with a matte finish. Applied beautifully; blended effortlessly.
    • Resist: 
      • Mid-tone, warm taupe with a purple undertone. I didn't notice the purple until I blended it out and ooooooh nelly is it pretty
    • Dare
      • Matte brown that had a similar undertone as fix, but a few shades darker. 
    • Stun
      • Metallic bronze with a slight khaki shift with the same wonderful formulation as the other shimmery shades. 

  • Cheekies?
    • The bronzer looks really warm/orange in the pan, but was more of a deep peach and looks great on fair skin (A+ for this pale sucker). The blusher is a satin, hot pink shade that blended beautifully. I'm really glad that I could try out their cheek products because now I think Ima have to go and get a flushed palette...
    • Also, I included the eyeshadow shade 50/50 because I originally thought it was a highlighter...yeah.... it's not a highlighter, obviously. 

On the face???

Please excuse the sleepy/high looking/smug facial expression... it was five o'clock in the morning, 'nuff said.

 The quality ain't bad, son. Overall, I was happy with everything in the palette and despite being fairly dupable colors, I really enjoyed having it all in this little kit. I think this is going to be a great gift for any guy/gal out there that wears makeup on the daily, but doesn't always want to put much thought into it...aka me.

November 26, 2014

I feeeeeel good-- Josie Maran Winter Dreams Holiday Set

Wowowowow, long time no see? Sorry for a bit of a hiatus, but uh, shit got real. Tons of work, practices, yada yada lets get into the makeup. I picked this up during the VIB sale... along with a million other things. I was thinking about doing a haul but like most things I plan on doing, it didn't happen. Most of the things I bought were old news (i.e things I just didn't get around to trying). Here's a list if you're interested in me doing a FOTD or something...
  1. Bite Beauty Lipstick in Rhone
  2. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
  3. UD Smoked Palette
    A million... four.. basically the same thing. 
    As a newly declared cruelty free beauty blogger, it made most of the holiday kits unappealing. This was legit, the only one I was like yas bby yas. I don't own any Josie Maran products and they're CF and all natural n' shit, so why not? I was thinking about picking up the watercolor eyeshadow and the luminizer during the sale anyway, so it was like Josie Maran knew to make this kit for me... thanks Josie. 

    This is full size, baby. Retailing for $18, it was worth more than 1/2 of this kit. I was a bit skeptical, but nonetheless, super intrigued. I mean, coconut water on my eyelid? That sounds like me asking for a creased/oily eyelook. Surprisingly, this wasn't too runny, SUPER opaque and metallic and (even without a primer) lasted the entire day. I have no idea how this is even possible; all I know is that Imabout to buy 2..maybe 3... or 4 more. 

    Rio De Rose Gold on the liddds

    The other product I was about to buy is this fella right 'ere. Retailing for $14 (this is a half sized product), I couldn't resist getting it in a value kit and on sale. This was one of those products that I had no idea if I would like it and yet, I totally knew that this was the fucking shit.

    Looks like my instinctive (makeup) judgment skills are on point, because I am in love. The sheen is so subtle, it blends like a dream and ,despite being a bit deep for my pasty complexion, was really wearable. It comes with 0.5 fl oz. which is plenty of product to last me a lifetime. It takes less than a pea sized drop to do all of your highlighting. 

    I was kinda interested in this product, but again, the whole 'oil ' thing threw me off. However, like the eyeshadow, I gotta catch them all now because this is...just.. wow. It blends beautifully, giving the right amount of hydration and wears all day. I was also surprised to see that it went over powder foundation nicely too. Products like these usually do better on the lips than the cheeks (and vice versa), but this one had a nice texture on my lips as well. 

    I need más

    This is the only product that was a bit of a dud for me... and with a name like 'Black Oil', I saw it coming. As you can imagine, it smudges. Not as bad as some mascaras, but still. Also, it didn't hold a curl which is my #1 priority in life (I've obviously got my priorities straight). Yes it's natural and has argan oil, but Tarte mascaras are a million times better fo sho. 

    This bottle retails for $16 dollars and with my experience with oils, it'll take me MONTHS to finish. Being a lighter consistency means it's a great facial moisturizer and won't weigh down your hair too much.
    That's all I've got to say really... 
    From left to right: Lip/Cheek Oil, Watercolor Eyeshadow and the Argan Illuminizer

    I love this more than my non-existent children right now.
    Please get this
    For yourself, your mother (?your father?), your siblings, your whatever.

    November 9, 2014

    The Cult Mentality Gets to me....Colourpop Cosmetics

    Usually when a product or brand this hyped, I feel sick. For example, NARS as an entirety... 'nuff said.  However, the more and more I obsessively watched hauls from Colour Pop Cosmetics, the more I was convinced that I needed to go out and buy every single thing. The fact that I couldn't find any negative reviews made the temptation all the more real.

    I mean, they're indie, CF, and $5... like, it would be a sin not to take advantage, right? (Let me believe my reasoning is legit, okay?) 

    The texture is wacky, like a wet powder but not a cream. They're best when you apply it with a finger, which is difficult with some shades but whatevs; I'll live. Also, the whole 'wet powder' thing sounds like a fancy way of saying 'crease city', but I swear that this doesn't crease, fade, or have any significant fallout. It's really bizarre, but I love it! 

    Bae... despite my disdain towards the term, I really enjoy this shade. It's a burgundy with a blue/green shift and honey... it's. bae.

    As you can see, the blue shimmer isn't as strong as I would like :/

    So Quiche-- can we take a minute to comment on all of the confused youtubers that don't know how to pronounce the word quiche?? LORD. 
    Anyway, it's like a sage green with pink shimmer. Yeah. I know, amazing

    Hammered (of, fucking, course) How could I resist a glittery forest green shade? Answer: I can't, I simply can't.  And with all of the gold, silver and red glitter... It was impossible for me not to put this in my cart...impossible

    Cricket is a gorgeous burgundy brown with gold glitter... this one is great, but has a weaker color base. Out of the bunch, it was the least impressive, but that isn't saying much because it was still pretty damn impressive. 

    'I <3 This' is a glittery champagne. Nothing more, nothing less. 

    Meow is one of their tie-dye shades and it unfortunately looks weird after you've used it for a while :/ Though, the color is a gorgeous purple toned pewter shade that is definitely obsession worthy. 

    Do I really need to say anything more?? 

    November 1, 2014

    because cosmetics and consumerism is making life a little less hectic----Favorites

    *the contrast of a classy background and profanity*

    I can't remember the last time I did a favorites post. Maybe it was the fact that there is an implied time restriction, maybe it's because I'm not into these kind of posts... or maybe it's because I'm lazy

    Yeah, the last one.

    Anyway, I'm not up to anything for the first time in months, so lets talk about the shit I rub on face on the daily... mostly lippies....

    Highlighted= Cruelty Free
    1. Tarte Amazonian Clay Pin Up Girl Blush Palette: This is a powdery mess, but dammit I like it! I'm not blush crazed, but honey; these shaaaaades. REVIEW HERE
    2. Clinique's Pink Chocolate and NYX Lip Liner in Natural: THE LIP COMBO OF THE CENTURY???? For that legitimate 90's lip. I'm talking warm ass brown lipstick with a matte finish. Can't stop, won't stop.
    3. Burt's Bees Lip Gloss in Evening Glow: A gloss??? ON LILTING-GRACE??? Yes... a gloss has penetrated this lipstick territory and Ima leave it at that. 
    4. Tarte Glamazon lipstick in Playful: Literally cannot believe that Tarte discontinued these. I don't even want to get into this one... REVIEW HERE
    5. Givenchy Le Rouge in Framboise Velour: The fact that I can't devour raspberries 24/7 still breaks my shriveled-up heart, but I CAN wear it on my lips..... REVIEW HERE
    6. Sally Hansen Lustre Polish in Firefly: Just sheer magic. I've never gotten so many compliments on my nail polish before. 
    7. Besame Red Hot Red Lipstick: For whatever reason, I've been feeling the red lip and man oh man is this one pretty! Just so... iconic
    8. By Terry Rouge Terrybly in Bare Instinct: The best lipstick ever? nah. Still, it's a damn good one and I love the color more and more as I wear it. Super unique and a perfect everyday shade. REVIEW HERE
    9. Pixi Flawless Beauty Fluid in No. 1 Cream: Meant to review this... really did.. but, meh. This is like, HG status (even though I hate that term). Blends like butter, perfect amount of moisture, medium-full coverage and you can't even detect it on the skin.. Like, how??!??
    10. Benefit Fake Up Concealer: This sample will never run out... I can't even describe what this does other than it realllly makes me look awake; which is much needed. 
    11. Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Abyssinian Catbird: This formulation is so amazing that I can't even comprehend it. Buttery, opaque and just all around perfect. Plus, a bronze/khaki??? you guys know I can't resist ;)) 
      1. p.s I had a RBR haul a month or so ago, still interested in a post?
    12. Wet N' Wild Liquid Eyeliner in Black Brown: I bought this a year ago and just got around to using it... yeah. Anyway, I've been wearing this everyday: so much precision, great formulation and actually lasts on my slippery-ass lids. 
    My only 'shit' for the month was that damn NARS lipstick, REVIEW HERE

    From left to right: Rouge Bunny Rouge Shadow, Bare Instinct, Red Hot Red, Evening Glow, Framboise Velour, Playful, Pink Chocolate, Natural lip liner

    And before I go, my (last minute) Halloween makeup:

    ~Mists of Avalon Reference~

    Branch trying to steal my moment, yeah, fuck you too man. 

    Anyway, hope you had a decent Halloween... next is Thanksgiving.. the hype is real

    October 29, 2014

    even THIS is a scary lip color for me-- Review of Hourglass' Femme Rouge in Embrace

    You can give me a hundred statement lips and I'd say bring it on. You could ask me to wear all of these statement lips to school and I'd be like, psshh, honey please I wore red lipstick all last week. But give me a metallic lipstick?


    What can I say? They're actually terrifying... but being the absolute lipstick junkie I am, I couldn't resist a pretty lipstick and let me tell you, Embrace is absolutely mesmerizing. Like, I couldn't capture the loveliness.. no matter how hard I tried.

    The Femme Rouge lipsticks aren't my favorite, but they're decent and still really luxurious (and CF). I mean, they ain't no Givenchy, YSL, or Guerlain but they get the job done. There's nothing overly creamy/borderline ridiculous about this fella... how about, ol' faithful (?)

    Embrace is like a reddish plum with a heavy bronze/gold metallic sheen that again, is not showing up. I bet my dog that you own nothing quite like it... and you should really try to get it because it's like, fall heaven. Unlike the pumpkin spice monstrosity that has become the core of american culture.

    Okay, maybe it's not that bad? Maybe I'm insane.. maybe metallic lipsticks aren't as disgusting and as dated as I thought they were. Also, for a more in depth review of the Femme Rouge formulation, check this sucker out

    Let me know... metallic lipstick.. yay or nay?