February 23, 2014

Lacôme Rouge in Love Lipstick: Pêche Passion (From the 2014 Spring Ballerina Collection)

God this song is so catchy...I was singing it as I opened my package!

   When it comes to luxury brands, I find myself attracted to Lancôme above all other brands. (to be honest I've never lusted after a Chanel product before!). Something about their shades just pulls me in every time I waltz my way through a department store. 

   When the commercial came out about 2 years ago, I fell in love! I remember thinking 'yeaaaah, that lipstick looks so bad ass'. Now that I reflect on that, I don't know why I thought this was such a rough n' tough looking lipstick... However, despite my interest in the line, I never picked one up.

   Since I've already started a beauty confession post here; I've never been too keen on spring/summer collections. Of course there will be a few products that catch my eye; but as a whole I'm not interested in them nearly as much as the fall/holiday collections. However, the beauty junkie in me told me to keep an eye out. Now I read a bunch of posts and what not, but I still wasn't in love with anything.

   My mother and I decided to head out to a shopping area only 15 min away that we've never checked out and it was a really nice place! Honestly, I never go out to shopping centers...Why go out when I can buy anything I want online in the comfort of my own home?

   I went into a Dillards for the first time and I spotted this lipstick and I was so interested in the shade. Yeah there are plenty of nude peaches, but something about this one was so unique.  

   I didn't buy the lipstick that day though; but instead made a mental note. I decided to look for some reviews on it, but I couldn't find any! After a few days, I decided to just go ahead a order it through Nordstrom (which gave me free 2 day shipping-HOLLA!)

   I am a sucker for a lippie in a heavy, luxurious tube. I mean, they're so sexy. This lipstick comes in a metal tube and the packing is pretty simple and sweet. It's got some weight to it and it's pretty short and stout, but I like it because it feels like I spent a bunch of money on it (which I did- it was flippingly flappingly $28!) 

   It's the little details that make this lipstick so lovely. I mean, a rose on the cap? How fucking elegant!? But there are some other things we need to address. The formula is really moisturizing and the color pay off is decent; nothing out of this world. Wear time? 3-4 hours, which is pretty standard for me. There's not really that much of a scent; it just smells like their skincare. The main problem I have with this lipstick is it can emphasize the look (not necessarily the feel) of dry lips! It's a lipstick that you should exfoliate before wearing! 

   Can we just take a moment to just appreciate the gorgeous-ness of this peach shade and the rose printed on the bullet? This is a perfect nude for someone with a tan, but I think it would also look really nice on some of the really fair girls out there! I know it can be hard for us pale gals to find a good nude that doesn't wash us out and I can assure you this one will not wash you out! However, it may emphasize any yellow-ness on your teeth!

(Built up swatch)
love you Jensen...(you and your butt)
   I think that the formula is really nice; but nothing out of this world. If your just looking for that holy grail lipstick formulation; this isn't it. That being said, they have some really nice shades! If you find a really unique shade and love to splurge on lipsticks like me, it's totally worth it! It's also worth checking it out if you're really fair and have yet to find a nude that doesn't wash you out!