March 17, 2014

Cute and a Good Cause?! Soxxy Air Socks

Soxxy's Charity Socks for (left-right): Bob Woodruff Foundation, Jesse Lewis Choose Love, Kristen Anne Carter Foundation, Orion and Why Hunger)
   Ima let you know that knee high socks are my thing. Skirts, leggings and fun knee high socks are just staples in my wardrobe. In fact, I have quite an impressive collection, so when I heard about this brand, I knew that I wanted to be involved.
   So what are soxxy socks? First off, that name is just hilarious to me! I'm trying to imagine the founders naming the brand and were just like ''I don't know, maybe we'll call them....socky socks....but spell it with x's to make it sound quirky''.  
   Continuing, this is a brand that offers compression socks (basically, they help you out with circulation) in cute styles. From ankle, to thigh socks; they've got it all. Now, I'm sure most of you guys associate knee high socks with a rather elementary-esc style, but this brand offers some pretty fashionable styles. Here are some of my picks from the brand:

I could see some possible outfits for the fall with these guys..

I'm not sure why I like these socks so much, I mean, they're just socks.. But I love that pattern!

Too cute right? These are the newest pair and the ones I plan on testing out! Be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM for an OOTD and review :)

  Yes, they are on the pricier side of the sock...spectrum. However, if you are a runner, traveler, etc and blood flow is important to you, then these are worth looking into. Despite my odd obsession with socks, I wasn't too keen on this brand until I learned about all of their charity work! They've collaborated with numerous charities and therefore, I think it's definitely worth splurging on! An impressive $8 goes towards the charity that collabed with each pair of socks! From cancer research to world hunger; there's one that everyone would be glad to donate too! 

   So yes, this is a sponsored post, but I would not post anything about a brand that did not include my legit opinions and interests! I think that high quality, cute socks are a must have in a wardrobe and if you can help support a charity while doing so, then why not? Also, since you are my loooovely readers, you can get 20% off your purchase (code: SoxxyAirs) :) I know you guys are shopaholics, so why not buy something for a good cause?

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  1. The amount they are donating from each pair is quite impressive!

  2. I love products for a cause! I always get sucked into buying charity chocolates at work.. mainly because they are chocolates though lol. I got a pair of these socks (with no pretty designs though) from Daiso, they are great for long plane rides! ^_^

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  3. I love these kinda things, where brands do stuff for a good cause :)
    I love the style of the socks :)
    My mum use compression socks everyday and loves them. I find them a tad bit uncomfortable but I guess it is because I am not used to wearing them on a regular basis :) I wear them if I travel somewhere though by plane :)

  4. I love this! Such a good idea! The socks are cute too!

  5. Those are pretty cute, I actually really like thigh-high socks, especially in the winter!

  6. I LOVE knee high socks! :) I wear them ALL the time...even in the summer. Crazy, but that's just the way I am. :) Thanks for telling us about these! :)


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