March 1, 2014

Drugstore Gem: Flower Beauty Color Play Créme Eyeshadows in Awesome Blossom, Midnight Garden and Time Willow Tell

   Remember when Drew Barrymore came out with her own drugstore line with luxurious packaging and unique shades? WHY AREN'T PEOPLE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT?! I have been a HUGE fan of her line and to be honest, I haven't been disappointed with a product yet! Sure, some of the products aren't holy grail status, but still good! Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite eye products because I just picked up 2 more the other day! That's right, Wal Mart has a bunch of Hard Candy and Flower products on sale so check them out! I got 2 more eyeshadows for $2.50 and a lipstick for $3.

Can you tell that I liked Awesome Blossom? I think I wore it everyday for like 2 months last year haha!
   So if you can't find these lovelies on sale, they retail for around $7. Not super inexpensive, but still under the $10 mark. Let me go ahead and say that the packaging is luxurious, I mean rose gold and white? And the packaging is glass so it has that expensive feel to it. The cap twists off to reveal a stopper (like the LÓreal infallibles) and a weird mousse looking product. It's very creamy to the touch and super duper opaque! A little bit goes a long way!

   All the shades are super shimmery novas of loveliness. Wear time is decent, but I do experience slight creasing without a primer, so keep that it mind! I actually found that some shades were more prone to creasing (cough cough, Time Willow Tell) They're gorgeous on their own and can create some stunning combos with other shadows. For example, MAC's cranberry with Awesome Blossom is like sooo amazing, I mean sweet nibblets!!!

One swatch, no primer:
(L-R) Time Willow Tell, Awesome Blossom and Midnight Garden

preach it Obama

While one shade creased a bit, the others were great by themselves! I do recommend wearing a primer with these, but other than that, I'm really impressed! Definitely check them out and see if you can get a bargain!