March 18, 2014

IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush- Je Ne Sais Quoi (Quick Review)

   I think that anything Emily Noel states, is makeup law. Also, how exciting is it that she's having a baby?!?! Haha, anyway! I remembered that she really use to love these and I was on Ulta's website and thought, why not? These retail for $20, which is on the pricier side, but I was certain that Emily Noel would lead me in the right direction! I guess this is suppose to be the ultimate lip product; a gloss, balm, lipstick and stain in one. It also has a shit ton of good oils and ingredients; including the most prominent one, cherry oil (which is why it has a soft, cherry scent). 

   It's rather transparent in the bullet, but once it glides over your lips, something magical happens:

  It adjusts to the most wonderful deep pink! Not opaque, like a lipstick, but more like a glossy stain! Despite claiming to stain, I find that while it does so, it maintains it's glossy-ness and is in no way drying. However, it's not the most impressive stain ever; I've experienced 5-6 hours of visible color payoff. Some other pointers that might make this splurge justifiable for you is that it's paraben and cruelty free!

I was pleasantly surprised that it actually held up to the 4-in-1 claims! (well, maybe not the lipstick part) The color is gorgeous and it goes with literally every makeup look! I've been wearing it a bunch (and I just got it a week ago!) and I'm already concerned about using it up to quickly! It's very soft and balm-y, so I feel like I always use up a bunch of product when I apply it! Hopefully that's not the case!