March 3, 2014

Review: Milani Baked Blusher in Delizioso Pink

   You know when you come up with a shade that you just need. You don't even know what brand to get said shade from, you just know you need to get it from somewhere. Maybe you don't get that feeling and I'm just a crazy beauty shopping addict. Well, I've been wanting a cool toned (maybe a hint of lavender) hot pink blusher and I think I've found it and it's under $10. Milani has just been killing it with all of their new releases and when I saw the matte blusher in Delizioso Pink, I knew that the shade I've been searching for had finally arrived. I bought it because of the shade, but I didn't realize that the formula would end up being one of my all time favorites! 

   Let's talk about the formula, because it's stellar. I have never touched a blusher as soft and creamy as this one! Nars, Benefit, MAC; they've got nothing on this one! It's also fairly pigmented, but it's so soft and blendable, that I never find myself freaking about applying too much. It's definitely matte, but there's still a healthy sheen to it; making it very natural looking. 

   It comes with a mirror and an applicator, which I could live without. If anything, I find that the little flippy flappy thing is just a huge inconvenience. However, I guess it could be useful to some people...but, let's be honest, who retouches their blush?

   I mean isn't that shade just fucking perfection?! I would also like to mention that (from swatching) I found that this reminded me of the Clinique blushers that just came out! Very similar colors, textures and finishes! If you were planning on checking out the Clinique blushers, I say give these a go first!

   Wow I don't know why my finger looks so old and wrinkly...I'm all of a sudden really insecure about my fingers....

Usually, I have to list some pros and cons for a review, but I don't have any cons for this one! I think this is a holy grail status you guys.. It's like in a movie and you think to yourself ¨how did those characters fall in love so quickly, that doesn't make any sense¨..well that's like my relationship with this blusher! And hey, it's cruelty free!